Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sex and the Ancients - how the Chinese saw it

Brothels were legal in ancient China. That is according to an information website that delves into the world of the adult services industry. Indeed, like law-makers everywhere, government officials in ancient China were quick to see the tax-raising potential of such 'business ventures'.

For many people, first contact with this 'underworld' might come from a reading of adult personals in the adult classifieds section of our preferred medium. It can be both an exciting and unnerving experience. It also raises questions that sit uneasily with many of us.

So how much can we rely on our own perceptions or even the perceptions of others? In truth we cannot totally depend on them. We can only do our best to familiarise ourselves with the facts, see how they relate to prevailing laws and social mores, then try to reach an informed judgement. offers a rather interesting take on the subject of Escorts, where encounters may or may not be of the casual kind!

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