Saturday 31 March 2012

Your Own Asian Escort - have here or take away?

If like us, you romanticise and fantasise about Asian people to the point of unhealthy obsession, you may at times wonder if there is any way of fulfilling your dream short of breaking the law - which we do not recommend or in any way endorse.

For normal, healthy, sane people there are any number of methods you could employ to meet and form a lasting relationship with the man or woman of your dreams:
  • strike up a conversation, see where it might lead to
  • see if you have any mutual interests not obviously connected to the bedroom
  • just ask them out for heaven's sake
For some people, alas, the obvious and natural approach just does not work. Worse still, in most cases it comes down to a complete lack of trying. A bit like liposuction or various forms of cosmetic surgery, the allure of throwing money at a problem that leads to a quick fix is just too great. For such people, engaging the services of male escorts or female escorts is like manna from heaven.

There are a few things you should know about the Escort Industry however - like it may not be all that you think. But that's way beyond our sphere of expertise. We get our kicks surfing the web. However there is a website you might want to check out - adult friend finder - if you wish to take your exploration to a whole new level.

Just don't blame us if you get burnt. Each to his/her own. And for heaven's sake, don't say we sent you!

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