Tuesday 14 February 2012

My Bloody Asian Valentine

Happy Valentines Day to all our readers and followers. To those of you who have found true love, we wish you well on this day. To those who haven't, well there's always hope ... or maybe mail order brides. 

Western culture has many funny perceptions about intimacy and love. Somehow, these things manage to come to a head on Valentines Day. All those questions like: 'Do I go for chocolates and risk getting her fat, or will I chance getting her a bottle of wine, hoping she doesn't interpret it as a sign that I'm trying to get her drunk so she'll go to bed with me, which is precisely what I am trying to do, but I don't want her to know that?' Well you see the dilemma.

It might interest you to know however, that while the feast of St Valentine is not commonly associated with Asian cultures, they have their own traditions, as quaint and as curious as our own.  

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