Friday 14 December 2012

Social Networking - where love goes unrequited

Thanks to the worldwide web we are all becoming that much more connected; more interested and aware of other people, their cultures, identities and so forth. Specifically we have become more aware that guys and girls of races, ethnicities, cultures and identities different to our own are strangely alluring and definitely sexy, even if you did wish that you understood their languages better, or their weird taste in music. One in the eye for bigots and racists.

Facebook status is the app that collates and syndicates all the better Facebook statuses to fuel our passions and help us to reach out to the ones we would love to love. Among the fascinating snippets which we found are the following ...
Mind seeks, heart finds
There is nothing more interesting than the conversation of lovers who are silent
Mind does not have opinion, but heart
– Is there something between you? – Yes … My love and her indifference
Mutual love is uninteresting, it is for losers, unrequited love is something interesting, it is really for me!
Prejudice and unrequited love are two things enough to turn a person into somebody unrecognizable
Love is the best method to kill heart because it no longer belongs to you when you fall in love.
God made the world and  the people, the rest is made in China. 
If Adam and Eve were Chinese, we would still be in paradise because they would have ignored the apple and eaten the snake.
Old Chinese man says: Oral sex make your day but anal sex make your hole weak!!
Want a laugh? 1. Go to Google maps 2. Click ‘Get Directions’ 3. In A type ‘Japan’ 4. In B type ‘China" 5. Click ‘Get Directions’ 6. Scroll to direction 41

And finally, our pick of the crop:
It’s all fun and games until a naked Asian guy pops out of your trunk and attack you with a crowbar lol :)

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