Friday 1 May 2015

The Whole World is Asian-crazy

Hush! Hush! Whisper it not, Asian people are very hot.

Any asians around pueblo?

Need a sexy Asian masseuse to give my boyfriend the full works.

Asian girls are so much better

Dear Asians...  I fucking love you.  That is all.

Any swingers? Asian couple here

I am an Asian albino and like anime and Kpop. I wish I looked more Asian and was white...

Where are all the Asian girls at?? Hmu 19m

Any sexy Asians up for some fun

Anybody want to chat? 23 f asian

I think I've seen 1000 whispers that start with "any Asian girls..." I'm sure they all love being some creepy guy's fetish.

any asian girls interested in a 24m

Any Asian girls interested in hanging out? 21 Black Male

Any girl or woman likes an Asian guy As   BF ??? Reply me.. if yes M 23

If you're a white male in 20s Can i see you? 17 f asian

Any cute asian girls in Manchester? :) 22m

I swear Asian girls always screw me over.

Asian women are sexy af.

I want to rock my chem lab TA. she's a tiny lil Asian girl but I know she'd say no :(

Asian guy 20. I need a black girl for a smash

Why are Asians so fetishized, like they're cute and all but no more or less then other races?

I'm an Asian guy and I just made this beautiful black girl cum harder than ever, she unable to move afterwards. Luckily she didn't believe in stereotypes on size.  She felt in real life it's a myth ;)

Any Korean girls into Asian guys hit me up

I find Asian girls so attractive but I so rarely meet them in my day to day life

Haven't seen a single Asian girl on here yet 😕

That one Asian girl at the donut shop in c_town gets me  so hard I have to rub one out.

Love sexy black females, Asian male here

It's hard when you're Asian (or a POC) and you want to be an actress...

Hot Asian porn stars? Know of any? Female porn stars

Any cute Asian girls near Lynnwood like white guys? Message me.

Any white F into Asian M. If so message me!

Where's the Asian girls at?

I had always wanted to have sex with a black chick. I'm asian

I'm not sure hot Asian girls exist outside of TV and porn haha

Asian girls Are sooooo hot. No, hot Asian girls are hot.  😒

Aren't Asian girls hot?

Asian girls are hot  32m

asian girls are pretty cute

Hot Asian girls into white attractive guys? :-P ;-)

I love Asian girls text me hot guy right here!!! Haha

Asian girls like this don't exist in Utah.

I want a hot Asian girl. I'm a hot white boy and 18

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